Saturday, December 29, 2012

Timothy Lee, November 2, 1985

A talented art student who had been attending the Art Institute of San Francisco, 23-year-old Timothy Lee was found hanging from a tree near the Concord BART Station in Concord, California. Police ruled it a suicide, and said they found a suicide note, but the family said the mistakes in the handwriting were obvious such as misspelled words, names and most of all Lee's signature. The police said a State Department of Justice analysis concluded it was his, despite no verification of how they came to that conclusion. Was it a brief review? By sight? Expert determination? Neighbors Callison and Hannum heard screams that night. Another handwriting expert, Andrea McNichols of Graphology Consultants International, disputed the findings by the Sacramento based Department of Justice. McNichols even had a possible suspect from her archives. Richard Goodfellow and his former roommate George Harless were possible suspects according to others. Goodfellow was sent to prison for a triple slaying, and Harless had been involved in the assault of African-Americans while dressed as a Klansman.

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