Sunday, December 16, 2012

Marc Fitzsimmons, July 2, 1998

Marc Fitzsimmons was a talented and gifted young man who had graduated from highschool early at the age of 15 and was immediately accepted into UCLA when he was only 16. Fitzsimmons had no prior run ins or problems with police, but in a sad twist of mistaken identity he was killed by Los Angeles Police Department commonly referred to as LAPD on July 2, 1998 in South Central Los Angeles. His mother Donna Dymally never got to see his body since he was cremated without her knowledge. LAPD contended that they had shot the right man after an assault was reported and they apprehended their suspect who was lunging at them with a knife. However, witnesses reported that the suspect LAPD sought was older and larger than Fitzsimmons and wore different clothing at the time of the attack on the assault victim.

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