Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Edwin Pratt, January 26, 1969

On a cold and snowy day on January 26, 1969, Edwin T. Pratt of the Seattle Urban League was shot and killed at his home on 17916 1st Avenue NE in the Shoreline neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. In less than five years upon being initially hired as a Community Relations Secretary at the Seattle Urban League he had been promoted as the Executive Director and a popular civil rights leader who was not afraid to challenge the status quo. Under his strong leadership and guidance the Seattle Urban League had grown from a small and struggling staff of 5 to that of 25 and many initiatives had taken place such as negotiations for more African-American enrollment at the University of Washington and better programs and services for African-American youth. His murder remains unsolved.


Anonymous said...

I am a 61 year old white female and I have a story to tell you about my grandfather hanging a black man in Live Oak. Fl. /Lake City Fl. in the early part of 1950. I was present along with my older brother when my Grandfather and his cohorts hung a black man along with a black bear at a local service station. It has haunted me all these years to know who the man was and who was his family. My grandfather was a very violent man and he beat my father with a whip when my father was 17 years old and my fathers mother had to put petroleum jelly on my father’s back to get his shirt off his back. Most of my family is dead now, but can please help me find out who this man was and who his family was. My name is Delia Chambliss and my phone number is 478-968-5847. I know I am opening up a can of worms, because we had a family reunion about 10 years ago at my home and when I mentioned it to my aunt she said my grandfather would have never done that, but I know what I saw as a child of about 5 and my older brother was also there with me and I remember my great aunt Rosie Kate who was Sammie Lee’s older sister slapping him and telling him to get in the car that the FBI was on the way, Can you help me.

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