Saturday, May 17, 2014

Naval Academy Rape Victim Accuser Lorna Ceaser

Lorna Ceaser accused three men Traves Bush, Eric Graham and Joshua Tate of rape at the US Naval Academy. The three men were cleared of all wrong doing although Tate was the only one who faced court martial in which he was eventually acquitted, but the damage has been done. The accused and the the accuser have all had their lives changed forever due to this scandal. Does being cleared of all wrongdoing mean someone is innocent? Does punishing the accuser absolve the accused of guilt? Is the military justice system fair?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Marshall A. Jones, 360Training, February 6, 2013

Marshall A. Jones of 360Training posted on the Facebook group "Austin Police Accountability Group" the following about Trayvon Martin: "Marshall A. Jones Lots of innocent people suffer from police misconduct, yet you want o honor a thug killed by a man who wasn't even a cop." Marshall Anderson Jones is actually the thug that he speaks of. Marshall A. Jones has been arrested three times for DWI on 12/13/2001, Evading Arrest or Detention on 7/11/2005 and DWI for the 2nd time on 12/27/2008. He is a violent and threatening man who has been cyberbullying and cyberstalking others online. His main method is Facebook. He has been known to use fake Facebook profile and even go so far as to have a profile pic of a Black person. He has known white supremacist and KKK ties, and is mentally ill and disturbed. His obsessive stalking and paranoia has gotten him into trouble before.

Ed Taylor, Hewlett Packard, December 10, 2012

Ed Taylor, Senior Network and Systems Engineer at Hewlett Packard, had the following to say about Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama claiming that they had engaged in tire necklacing of whites. Tire necklacing is a method of killing which involves putting a petrol-filled tyre around a victim's neck and setting it on fire.