Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ed Taylor, Hewlett Packard, December 10, 2012

Ed Taylor, Senior Network and Systems Engineer at Hewlett Packard, had the following to say about Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama claiming that they had engaged in tire necklacing of whites. Tire necklacing is a method of killing which involves putting a petrol-filled tyre around a victim's neck and setting it on fire.


Anonymous said...

Seems like you are posting this maliciously. Why else would you reference his employer that is on his facebook profile?

Oh and Nelson Mandela's party (ANC) did kill thousands of whites. You should probably mention that. Mandela wasn't an innocent man, in fact, his party killed like 60,000 whites in South Africa.

James said...

The poster never said Obama had engaged in tire necklace activities. Looks like he was asking another person if they would like it if their leader, which is Barack Obama did that to them.

You should change your statement or remove this. It's kind of defamation/slanderous to misquote like that.

Anonymous said...

Looks like les we forget blogger is just attempting to harm people by twisting their words

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that the poster is attempting to create a racial divide by lying about what was stated in the thread. Ironic since the people commenting were illustrating how hate crimes were permitted in South Africa under Mandela.