Sunday, August 5, 2012

Clinton Melton and Wife, December 8, 1955

Elmer Otis Kimball (also reported as Elmer Kimbell), who was a friend of one of Emmett Till's murderers J.W. Milam, murdered Clinton Melton and then nineteen days later Melton’s young wife was killed only a week before Kimball’s murder trial opened, after she had been trying to get justice for her husband's homicide in Glendora, Mississippi. Mrs. Melton was driven off the road and into a bayou, where she drowned a week before the trial. Her children who were in the car survived. (Mrs. Melton is pictured above with her children and assassinated Civil Rights leader Medgar Evers is seated on the right in the picture.)


Anonymous said...

thats evers not evens

Anonymous said...

evers not evens