Friday, December 5, 2008

Cleve McDowell Murder, March 17, 1997

Attorney Cleve McDowell was murdered on March 17, 1997. To this day, justice has not been served. For years, McDowell had collected various evidence, witness testimonies, articles, and notes on unsolved Civil Rights Murders...shortly after his murder there was a mysterious fire where all these valuable items were lost. Sunflower District Attorney Hailey Gail Bridges hastily prosecuted Juarez Webb to quickly shut the case when there was disputed evidence that raised serious questions about who murdered McDowell. District Attorney Bridges was also given the task of prosecuting Unsolved Civil Rights Murders, which she failed to do. As of December 5, 2008, she is no longer the D. A., but you can contact current Sunflower District Attorney William Michael Mallette, and tell him that you want justice now for the Unsolved Civil Rights Murders and justice for Cleve McDowell les' we forget.

Sunflower District Attorney William Michael Mallette
P. O. Box 1046
Indianola, MS 38751
Phone: (662) 887-4306
Fax: (662) 887-6275
Email: WMMallette@Bellsouth.Net

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